Independent living refers to a form of senior living where the residents are generally able to take care of themselves and can live without assistance. An independent living retirement village focuses on lifestyle and active ageing, and the village and its activities are designed with the needs of active and mobile seniors in mind.

At GreenAcres the minimum age for residents is 55 years. In addition the resident ought to be relatively self-sufficient and able to manage their personal needs like dressing, eating, bathing, using the toilet, and moving about their unit and village common areas. Furthermore, they should also be able to manage their finances and health, safely use appliances, and handle light housework.

In an independent living village, residents are able to live on their own without requiring personal care support or nursing. When a person is unable to do so, then an assisted living community or aged care facility would be more appropriate since care or nursing support will be provided there.

Our residents range in age from mid-50s to late-80s.

At present there are regular scheduled physical activities like Zumba, Tai Chi, Stretch & Tone, and Seated Dance Exercise. In addition, there are also regular movie screenings, the occasional games day and visits to the night market. The residents have also self-organised various get-togethers to celebrate the festivities or just for fun.

In GreenAcres there’s a clubhouse which contains a fitness centre/gym, yoga room, karaoke room, theatrette, library and reading room, billiard room, games rooms, lounge, multi purpose hall, dining area and private function rooms. There’s also a village shuttle service and beautiful landscaped outdoor spaces with leisure spots and well-connected walkways.

GreenAcres provides extensive facilities in the Clubhouse. However, a swimming pool is not provided in order to keep the maintenance costs down for all residents.

A village shuttle is provided as a convenience for residents who do not drive or prefer not to drive. The service goes out 3 times a week (typically Mon, Wed & Fri – except Public Holidays) on a scheduled route.

GreenAcres is a gated and guarded community with a 24-hour security service that does regular patrols. In addition, a 24/7 emergency call system is present in every bedroom, bathroom and living area in each unit. This provides quick first response at the push of a button in the event of an emergency. Our trained staff will proceed to arrange for any medical attention such as an ambulance or a doctor as required.

You become a resident of GreenAcres by taking up a lifetime lease over one of the units. You do this by signing a Lease Agreement and paying a Lease Deposit, which is refundable subject to terms & conditions. In addition, you also pay a monthly General Services Charge for facilities, activities and services that come with living at GreenAcres. Please speak to one of our friendly sales staff for further details on the cost.

Your unit is leased to you for a lifetime. Because the ownership remains with GreenAcres, you will be assured that the village will remain as a retirement facility for years to come.

Do note that the lease is registered with the authorities which gives you the legal assurance and peace of mind that that you have the right to reside in your unit for as long as you wish. Furthermore, as a resident of GreenAcres you will have access to the village’s facilities, activities and common areas.

The monthly general services charge covers the expenses of operating and maintaining the village. This includes the provision of a variety of services and amenities such as security, landscaping maintenance, office hours staffing, regular fitness classes, scheduled village shuttle services, community activities, and emergency call response.

Utility bills such as electricity, water, sewerage, and internet, as well as government levies and fire insurance are not included in the general services charge. Housekeeping/cleaning and laundry services are also available as optional extras on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Many residents pay for their lease deposits from personal savings and investments, or by selling their previous home. A number of our residents who have sold their previous home found that after paying for the GreenAcres lease deposit, they have excess funds to spend on travel, medical and other daily living and retirement expenses. Together with all the extra inclusions we provide in the villa plus the facilities and activities in the village, residents will find added value for their money which they cannot find elsewhere.

Yes, the Lease Deposit is refundable to you according to the terms of the Lease Agreement when you move out.

Since the unit is only partially furnished, you will need to bring in your own furniture and belongings. We encourage our residents to decorate and furnish their unit to reflect their personal style.

You are free to decorate and plan the interior design of your unit. In certain cases, non-permanent or non-structural partitions or additions may be allowed. Please discuss with the Management about any changes you would like to make within your villa. However, structural changes or additions are generally not permitted.

The gardens and common areas within GreenAcres is our responsibility.

Yes, your family and friends are allowed to stay over within your unit up to a period of 2-weeks at a time. However, we would appreciate it, for the security and peace of mind of other residents, that you inform the Management when you when have someone staying with you.


Homestay units are also available at a special rate for resident’s family and friends should they prefer to stay in a separate unit. Do speak to us about what is available.


Friend and family that stay over, either within your unit or in a homestay unit, are welcome to use the facilities or join activities in the resident’s company.

Every unit comes with its own car park. In addition, your visitors, friends and family are welcome to park in the allocated visitor car spaces.

In order to maintain the cleanliness of common areas and quiet enjoyment of the village, pets are not allowed in GreenAcres.

Live-in maids as home assistants can be considered on a case-by-case basis in GreenAcres. Our residents are still generally required to be mobile and independent. In any case, housekeeping services can be organised if required and this is used by many of our residents.

As part of Independent Living, meals are not automatically provided. Each unit comes with a kitchen for residents use. We also have a café in the Clubhouse for days when you don’t feel like cooking or going out. You may also order in food delivery.

As an independent living village, our level of service is catered for independent and mobile retirees who are able to live on their own without requiring personal care support or nursing. Medical services such as doctors or nurses are not provided on site. However, the community looks out for each other and if there is any emergency, you can get assistance via the 24/7 emergency call response system.


When a person requires more care, our future aged care facility would be more appropriate. As an interim measure while our aged care facility is pending, additional care and nursing support can be brought in to your home if required.

As a welcome gesture, the GreenAcres team can help you familiarize with the local amenities of Meru and Ipoh, and assist with minor handyman services such as picture hanging to help you settle in for the first week.

In preparation for the next phase of ageing we do plan to have an aged care facility within GreenAcres. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our plan for the aged care facility has been delayed but it is expected to be ready by the end of 2024.

As an interim measure while our aged care facility is pending, additional care and nursing support can be brought in to your home if required.

Ipoh is well known as one of the best places to retire in Malaysia due to its slower pace of living, clean air, low traffic congestion, and friendly people. This charming city surrounded by limestone hills is strategically located between Kuala Lumpur and Penang, and is easily accessible by plane, bus, train or car. Ipoh is also a haven for food and is known for its local specialties as well as a burgeoning café culture. Apart from being an affordable place to live, Ipoh has good infrastructure and healthcare services too.

In April 2014, US News recognised Ipoh as the 3rd most affordable place in the world to retire and in 2016, Ipoh was featured as Lonely Planet’s 6th best destination in Asia.

GreenAcres Retirement Village is owned and managed by Total Investment Sdn Bhd. Founded in 1993, the Company is a well-established developer in Ipoh known for developing and delivering well-planned, quality homes. The Company is led by an experienced team with over 90 years of collective experience in the field of property development and construction. Our projects range from boutique gated and guarded communities such as Uplands I and Uplands II, to townships such as Bandar Baru Tambun and Tiara Lake Park.

The Founder of GreenAcres Retirement Village, Mdm Siew Yin Leng, was a professional nurse trained in Australia. She did a post graduate course in surgical operations and techniques and worked as a theatre sister until 1971. Thereafter, she co-founded Total Investment Sdn Bhd with her husband.