In my travels, I have often admired the retirement villages found overseas that offer a quality lifestyle alternative for retirees.

I have dreamt of bringing such a lifestyle to Malaysia, and have taken every opportunity to visit and speak with people who work and live in retirement villages in Australia and America. My mother lived in such a village in Melbourne, Australia until she was in her 90’s. From the stories I’ve heard and observed, I realised how satisfying it is to live in a retirement village, as it is a life of friendship in a caring and inclusive community.

This idea is now a reality. I am proud to be delivering the first of an emerging trend of retirement villages in Malaysia. As has been our philosophy for the last 2 decades, TI Homes is synonymous with quality, integrity and responsible development. You will find this to be fully reflected in GreenAcres and I welcome you to explore this new way of living.


Madam Siew Yin Leng
Founder of GreenAcres
Co-founder of Total Investment Sdn Bhd