Taken by: Gan Boon Li

“My mom told me that “your limitation is only your imagination”. Her hobby is hiking even though she has diabetes. Coming is her
60th birthday and she is ready to take on any challenges in her life.”

Taken by: Gan Boon Li

View below to read the judges’ comments. Join us this 21 August on World Senior Citizen’s Day as we reveal the 3 winners of the Life Begins at 60 Photography Contest. Let’s celebrate the beauty of life!

“A beautiful shot of someone enjoying her life in spite of her difficulties. The colour combination is nice. Yellow and blue. The
photograph is simple and effective.” – Kenny Loh, @Kenny Loh Photography​

“It is the spirit, gratitude and love for life in this lady’s face that is the highlight of the photo. She basks in the morning sun with open
arms as if nothing will ever bring her spirit down. This kind of appreciation for life is open to everyone everyday and best of all, it is
free.” – May Chong, GreenAcres Retirement Village​

“My favourite thing about this photograph is how vibrant the colours are. The yellow jacket contrasts the blue sky beautifully.” – Yonsen Chan, @Idea Being

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