Taken by: Mak Han Meng

“It is generally believed that happiness exists in leisure. In any case, we work for leisure and live in a peaceful environment.”

Taken by: Mak Han Meng

View below to read the judges’ comments. Join us this 21 August on World Senior Citizen’s Day as we reveal the 3 winners of the Life Begins at 60 Photography Contest. Let’s celebrate the beauty of life!

“The photographer’s quote emphasizes that happiness exists in leisure. This is another good example of environmental portraiture. The couple are obviously relaxing after work at their coffee shop. The cats are getting their attention after work too. I like the low angle which emphasizes the cats and makes them a little more prominent which won’t be achieved had the photographer shot from above. It is also nicely framed and interesting with the wall behind and the table on the left side of the photograph. The black and white tone also works for this image, and the lighting helps in focusing our attention on the subjects.” – Kenny Loh, @Kenny Loh Photography​

“This monochrome photo brings out the reflection of light on surfaces, glow of the skin and the expression on the face as they enjoy the simple joys that animals bring. The angle and composition is good and it also captures the dry kibbles on the floor. It is a sweet photo.” – May Chong, GreenAcres Retirement Village​

“Making good use of black and white can really tell a better story of the photo, and this is one of the good example. It perfectly captures the feeling and nuance of the picture.” – Yonsen Chan, @Idea Being

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