Taken by: Mohd Nazri bin Sulaiman

“Pak Wahab, 62 years old. An old trishaw man in Kuala Terengganu city. He loves this job because of the heritage of the Terengganu trishaw itself and just wants to continue the tradition. He starts his job in a morning and spend almost 5-6 working hours everyday. Respect his spirit.”

Taken by: Mohd Nazri bin Sulaiman

View below to read the judges’ comments. Join us this 21 August on World Senior Citizen’s Day as we reveal the 3 winners of the Life Begins at 60 Photography Contest. Let’s celebrate the beauty of life!

“A beautiful example of light and shadow. I love that the photographer waited for the trishaw to be in the light before shooting. The light picks up detail on the fence which is nice. Again, I like the subject matter as not only the tradition but the age of the subject is celebrated.” – Kenny Loh, @Kenny Loh Photography​

“I love the contentment in this Pakcik’s face. He loves his job, routine and keeping the heritage alive. A beautiful and classic photo that captures him relaxed and riding in the morning sun as he heads out for another day.” – May Chong, GreenAcres Retirement Village​

“This has easily become one of my favorite photographs. The minimalist take, clean, contrast, the perfect balance of black and white, and the lighting.” – Yonsen Chan, @Idea Being​

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