Taken by: Redzuan Bin Bohari


“Membaca adalah amalan yang sangat baik untuk diterapkan pada golongan anak-anak.”

Taken by: Redzuan Bin Bohari

View below to read the judges commentary. Join us this 21 August on World Senior Citizen Day as we reveal the 3 winners of the Life Begins at 60 Photography Contest. Let’s celebrate the beauty of life!

Judges’ commentary:

“The colours and clarity of the sky, greenery and clothing of the subject matter pop up as if it is both real and unreal. It is both studio-like and at the same time natural. The connection of the 2 generations reminds us of the love and hope that one generation has for another.” – May Chong, GreenAcres Retirement Village

“While the photograph is obviously staged, it doesn’t take away from the universal joy when grandparents share time and space with the younger generation. The photographer’s caption was about reading but the photograph transcends that for me. Again, another photograph that inspires good values in us.” – Kenny Loh, @Kenny Loh Photography

“I like the angle of this photo, shooting from low and wide angle to create a nice scenery. It calms and warms the heart to see the interaction of two different generations.” – Yonsen, @Idea Being

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