Taken by: Wong Mun Heng

Better Late Than Never

“In 2017, at age 61, I saw the best in my life. Upon reaching the top of Gokyo Ri (5330M), I had a good view of Mt Everest. Trekking in Nepal is not as difficult as one imagines. Older people can still pursue their dreams, better late than never.”

Taken by: Wong Mun Heng

View below to read the judges commentary. Join us this 21 August on World Senior Citizen Day as we reveal the 3 winners of the Life Begins at 60 Photography Contest. Let’s celebrate the beauty of life!

Judges’ commentary:

“When you don’t limit yourself to a number and you give your best shot at whatever life puts in front of you, there will be constant newness, meaning and appreciation for life. This picture beautifully captures the positivity and possibilities of life at 60 and beyond – are we ready for it?” – May Chong, GreenAcres Retirement Village

“While it’s just a simple photograph, the hope that it gives me when I look at it and the look of pure joy on her face meant that I had to choose this as one of my favourite photographs from the contest. The background scenery of the mountains is amazing and something many of us won’t ever experience in our lives. So we travel with the photographer.” – Kenny Loh, @Kenny Loh Photography

“The colours are so vivid and beautiful. The clear blue sky from this photo create a nice contrast to separate the people with the red jacket from the background. This picture captures the man’s young heart beautifully.” – Yonsen, @Idea Being

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